It all began in Lagos State Nigeria, where I was born and lived until my early teens when I moved to the UK. I read and watched a lot of Disney picture books and films while growing up, and I love fairy tales. I truly believe in the power of pictures and words in educating, entertaining and intriguing the minds of the young and old. And the rush from turning pages as a thrilling adventure that should never end but continue again and again, forever and ever.

Writing children's book keeps me young at heart and fills me with joy and laughter that sends me spiralling between worlds in a way only a pen to paper understands. My dream in life is to become a screenwriter or a film director. Also close to my heart is the issue of hunger and poverty, especially, among the young, elderly and vulnerable.

So Join me in the tea raising initiative to encourage the cheerful giver in every child, and together we can zero out hunger and poverty. I'm in awe of hunger charities and a total supporter of the Zero Hunger Challenge. I hope to write more children's books in the future. And I hope you have a wonderful experience reading Materbeampater as I did writing it.